Whale Watching Tours on Maui with Maui Adventure Cruises

For Maui Adventure Cruises the whale watching season is one of their favorite times of the year. This is the time they go "full-out" taking visitors on whale watching tours all through the day. During this time of year whales are simply everywhere along the coastlines and in the channels between the island and the two rigid hulled inflatable boats used by Maui Adventure Cruises are perfect for seeing the whales. They are very fast for starters so they can get to the pods quickly and once near, when they cut off their engines the whales, feeling unthreatened by the vessels often come for a closer look and you can often see the whales up-close.

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On Maui, 'rafting' equates with adventure, and Maui Adventure Cruises has just about all the adventure you could want. Speeding rigid hull inflatables varying in length from 34' to 49' whisk their way from Maui over the channel to Lanai.

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