Whale Watching Tours on Kauai with Na Pali Explorer

Jacques Cousteau popularized the Zodiac inflatable boat which features a hull composed of flexible rubber tubes and a rubber bottom. A RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) replaces the rubber bottom of a Zodiac with a hard, rigid hull, allowing higher speeds in rough ocean conditions and is generally much more suitable for the waters of Kauai. The comforts of Napali Explorer's adventure rafts are second to none and the Explorer I a 26' for 18 passenger Hurricane Zodiac and their 48' Explorer II can accommodate up to 36 passengers is the largest boat of its type in the United States. These boats are great for whale watching, setting lower on the water and their speed gets you where the action is.

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Boasting two very fast and maneuverable rigid hull inflatables, Napali Explorer provides adventurous boats that are ideal for the conditions that can be found along the Napali Coast.

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