Whale Watching Tours on Kauai with Kauai Sea Tours

Fourteen passenger inflatable rafts are the vehicle of choice to see the whales during the winter season on Kauai Sea Cruises. Although they have larger boats available to them they choose these rafts for this purpose because of the heightened experiences and adventures reported by all that see whales in this way. For one thing, the whales are giant and the rafts are on the surface and can often find themselves quite close to them at the whale's choosing (the boats and not permitted to go close to the whales but the whales often come right up to the boats). The experience of seeing a whale ten or fifteen feet from the sides of your zodiac vessel are enough to pump you with adrenalin for weeks. You might think that because of the inordinate disproportion in size of the boats compared to the whales that there might be some problems lurking but the only thing that has ever been lurking behind the corner in such circumstances is sheer excitement and delight in seeing the whales up close.

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Kauai Sea Tours is a large charter boat company that offers tours off the coast of Kauai and particularly the NaPali Coast with its beautiful 'signature' boat , Lucky Lady.

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