Whale Watching Tours on Kauai with Catamaran Kahanu

Whale watches on the Catamaran Kahanu provide an excellent opportunity to see the Humpback Whales during the winter months. With Catamaran Kahanu carrying a maximum of only eighteen persons these will be among the most personalized whale watching tours you could experience. Kauai is the end of the line for the migration of these giants from their homes off the coast of Alaska and they spend their time in these waters frolicking and playing, mating, birthing and to some degree with regard to the males of the species, physically competing for the attention of the females. The Hawaiian captain and crew of the Catamaran have seen this all before as they have lived and worked in these waters all their lives so they will be able to interpret the whale behaviors you will be observing.

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Catamaran Kahanu is a boat tour company that offers tours of the spectacular NaPali Coastline on Kauai's North Shore and also offers dinner cruises and whale watches.

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