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Whale Watching Tours on Hawaii with Splashers Ocean Adventures

From December to early May the humpback whales call Hawaii home. Traveling an incredible 3,000 miles of ocean in less than two-months time, these gentle giants migrate from the gulf of Alaska to Hawaii for breeding and birthing in the islands' warm and shallow waters. Weighing up to 45 tons, these whales can be graceful acrobats. Seeing a humpback whale "breach" the ocean by propelling its 45-foot long body out of the sea is a spectacular event. Their mysterious whale song is yet another intriguing trait of male humpback whales. These complex songs can be heard underwater from up to twelve miles away.

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Splasher's Ocean Adventures is an eco-friendly adventure rafting company which operates out of Honokohau Harbor on the Kona Coast of the Big Island. It's 19 passenger, 30' rigid hull inflatable raft offers snorkel and dolphin tours down the coast to Kealakekua Bay, whale watches in season and two exciting evening Manta Ray snorkel tours.

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