Whale watching before December 15?

Is there any chance your Whale watching Lunch cruise will commence before December 15. We are staying Dec 4 - 14. Many thanks


Thank you very much for submitting a quick question form to us.
In response to your question the whale watch you're looking at actually won't start operations until December 26th. There is a very small chance that one or two companies might start prior to the December 15th official beginning of whale season, if there turns out to be an early outbreak of whale sightings, but there's no way of knowing until we're right at that time. If you'd like, I'll email you again the beginning of December and let you know how it's looking. Where are you staying on Oahu and how many people are planning on coming?
Let me know when you need additional information or advice regarding any other guided activities, tours or related topics while you're vacationing here in Hawaii. I can help with things like geographical details, weather information, and restaurant suggestions.

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The Hawaii whale watching season is the most anticipated time of year regarding activities in the islands. Whale watching is available for visitors to enjoy between December and May.

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