We would like a challenging Kauai Horseback Ride

We are quite accomplished equestrians and would like to take a ride on Kauai that really gets into the forests of the island but is not just a nose to tail type of excursion. Can we rent horses on our own to go somewhere exciting or is there some type of horseback tour that would be challenging enough for us.


Because of insurance considerations there would be no horse ranch that would simply let you take-off on a rented steed. The one tour that would seem promising for your request would be the "All Day Adventure" with Esprit De Corps. This 8-hour tour will take you into the very heart of Kauai through forests and over ridges and allow you to relax at a beautiful waterfall with a swim. Only five persons total are permitted on this tour and you will need to demonstrate an ability to trot and canter a horse and you should be comfortable with riding along high places.

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Hawaii Horseback riding is a much more popular category of tours than you might expect. When looking over the state as a whole the category of horseback riding in Hawaii registers over twenty separate and distinct horseback riding companies.

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