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South Pacific Kayaks is well rounded in their watersports offerings with packages that are suitable for beginner through advanced kayakers as well as those who are looking to learn to surf. South Pacific Kayaks was initially created to be a kayak company, but the constant requests for tips on how to learn to surf from their clients prompted them to begin offering surfing lessons as well. South Pacific Kayaks even offers kayak surf lesson combinations for those that would like to try it all on their Maui vacation. The kayaking trips that they offer are available on either the southern or western shores of the island. They have trips such as the turtle town adventure that stay close to the shore and are suitable for novice paddlers. The Molokini trip is available for advanced paddlers only. This seven and a half mile paddle is bound to challenge even the most seasoned paddler, and during whale season whale sightings are very common on this trip. For those that are not so experienced at kayaking but would like to see whales, South Pacific Kayaks offers shorter whale watching trips during the winter whale season. To be able to see these massive creatures from the perspective of a kayak is one of the most incredible experiences you could have while vacationing on Maui. The guides of South Pacific Kayaks are ready to help share the wonders of the undersea world of Maui with you. The equipment that is used by South Pacific Kayaks is top notch. The kayaks have foot pedals that control a rudder on the back of the boat that is used to steer. These rudders save a great deal of energy on the longer trips by giving the kayaker the ability to fine tune the course of the kayak without loosing paddling rhythm or speed. The warm waters are something that should be experienced by everyone who visits Maui. If you're looking to spend some active time in the water kayaking or learning to surf, South Pacific Kayaks has a variety of packages for all skill levels conveniently located close to the major resorts of the island.

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One of the oldest and most seasoned of the Maui kayak touring companies is South Pacific Kayaks. Their list of kayak tour options is larger than most as they extend from Makena and La Perouse Bay on the south side to Honolua Bay on the north-west end of Maui and they even offer whale watch tours from kayaks.

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