Watersports with Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy

By far the most popular watersport in Hawaii is surfing. Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy is a surf school on the west side of Maui that is known around the world for the surf lessons they give at the "Breakwall" in Lahaina. Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy was popularized by the television show "Livin Lahaina." The reality TV show chronicled the adventures of the owner Kimo (who is a direct descendent of the famous surfer Duke Kahanamoku) along with his team of instructors. Surf lessons are offered on either a private or a group basis. All surf gear is included. Students will ride on specially designed "Soft Top" boards that are made for beginner surfers. Ultra Violet blocking rashguards and protective reef shoes will also be issued to students. Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy guarantees that all students that sign up for a private or group lesson will stand up and surf!

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