Watersports with Outrageous Surf

Are you looking to get a little outrageous and try to learn a new water sport on your next Hawaiian vacation? Outragous Surf School is a surf school that is based out of Lahaina on the west side of Maui that offers not only lessons on how to learn to surf a regular lay down surfboard but they also teach lessons on how to surf a stand up paddleboard. The staff of Outragous Surf School has a reputation for their kindness and enthusiasm for their jobs. A variety of different packages are available to suit the needs of all types of students. For those that are fast learners there are the group lessons that are available. These are great for kids and people who are athletic because the Outragous instructors can usually get them standing up on the first or second try. After students are able to stand up and begin surfing it is really a matter of practice. The instructor will offer tips on how to improve as you paddle back out. For those that would like more attention and camaraderie throughout, or are a little slower to pick things up or who are apprehensive about the idea of being out there in the water with the waves there are private lessons. With private lessons it will be completely one on one and it is generally the fastest way to learn. The instructor will be with you to every trip of the way to offer advice and coach you through the learning process. Learning to surf is like starting any other hobby, it is important to start off on the right foot and have an enjoyable time. There is no way to end a surfing career faster then to have the initial experience leave a negative first impression.

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