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Opelu Keahi has been a well recognized waterman on Maui since he first began teaching surf lessons in the 1950s. He has been teaching the sacred Hawaiian water sport of surfing since he was young and he has grown his one man operation into a full on surf school that operates on Kaanapali Beach on Mauis west side. Opelu handpicks his instructors personally and he spends a great deal of time training them to ensure that they can teach surfing as he would himself. Each instructor is required to have over ten years of ocean and surfing experience. Opelu believes that safety comes from preparation and he equips all his students with reef socks (to protect the feet from abrasions) and rash guards (to protect the back from the sun and the belly from rash). Opelu has a variety of equipment to suit the needs of all levels of riders. Generally the beginner, novice and first time surfers will be issued a soft top board because of their stability and fast paddling. The more experienced surfers that are trying to focus on working on their turns and cutbacks will be paired with a more sleek fiberglass board that will be harder to paddle and stand on but much easier to turn. Group, private, semi-private and family lessons are all available.

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