Watersports with Maui WaveRiders

Maui Wave Riders is one of the oldest and most respected companies to teach the popular watersport of surfing on Maui. The owner Tommy Castleton has had a long career as a surf instructor, but during his over twenty-five years of surf experience he has played much more then just the role of instructor. Preceeding his career as a surfing instructor and surf school owner Tommy was a professional surfer. He was even featured on the cover shot of Surfer Magazine doing a snap on the top of a very large Hawaiian winter wave. Tommy has taken time and care in selecting and training his instructors to make sure that they uphold the same levels of customer service as he does. Maui Wave Riders takes small groups of six surfers or less on group lessons. Private and semi-private lessons are available for those who desire more personal attention. The equipment of Maui Wave Riders is top notch with a variety of boards to suit the needs of all levels of riding ability. There are soft-top boards for the beginner riders that are very large and easy to paddle as well as fiberglass and epoxy models for more advanced riders.

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