Watersports with Maui Eco Tours

Hawaii's Largest Selection of Activities

Maui Eco Tours offers a number of different kayak and snorkel excursions that depart from various different parts of the island. Whether you're in the protected areas off the coast of Makena in South Maui or at the underwater marine preserve of Honolua Bay on the upper west end of the island you are bound appreciate being there with this professional kayak company. Some tours are more strenuous and are for adults only, others are much easier and are suitable for children. Whichever tour you choose you're most likely going to see the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and be if your lucky youll also get to be thrilled by spinner dolphins or perhaps even a humpback whale (in season). The shallow band of water that surrounds the coastline of Maui is a hotbed for marine life and the shallow draft or the boat, small size and maneuverability make a kayak the ideal tool to use for exploring this near shore area area.

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