Watersports with Adventures in Paradise

Are you somebody who wants to do something very close to nature? One of the best ways to get a first hand perspective on Hawaii's marine life is by taking a kayak trip. Kayaks are small paddle boats that are very maneuverable and can be navigated through very shallow waters. This allows the paddler to be able to access spots that often times are very difficult to access if not impassable for larger, motor driven boats. Adventures in Paradise offers guided trips, or for the do-it-yourselfers they have an unguided kayak rental option as well. The coastline of the Big Island drops off to very deep depths almost immediately offshore. This allows the kayaking trips here to do something that is not available on the other Hawaiian Islands. The deep water can be accessed on the same trips that also see the shallow coral reefs along the shore. The deeper water has a whole different cast of larger fish then the shallow shoreline waters and being able to see it all from the perspective of a kayak is something you will never forget!

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