Watersports on Kauai with Surfing Lessons on Kauai

The Aloha Surf School is an excellent choice to choose for your surf lesson because the majority of their instructors are currently or have been in the past, on the professional surf circuit. My experience has been that not only are they excellent surfers in their own right but that they are able to translate the "how to" part of the skills to their clients. These lessons are generally taught in the Poipu area in a spot just perfect for beginners where there seems to always be enough of a gentle swell to propel the novice surfer to the shoreline. As a result of the excellent instruction of Aloha Surf School most beginners are able to stand up during their first session and feel like a champ. The warm waters of Kauai offer a wonderful location to learn to surf. ...

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If you are looking for a professional surf school with a proven track record you might consider Aloha Surf Lessons. Put together by professional surfer Chava Greenlee who was born and raised on Kauai, all of the surfing instructors are surfing professionals and use the principles developed by Chava to teach the art of surfing.

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