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Girls Who Surf is a water sports company that offers the water sport of surfing as their primary water activity. Girls Who Surf is a water sports company that offers surf instruction and classes primarily taught by girls. If this seems to have an immediate appeal to you it could be surmised that in all likelihood you are a guy. Although it certainly could be said that most of the surf instructors are women they do have a smaller amount of "guy" instructors as well. The point that separates Girls Who Surf apart from most other surf instruction companies is that they offer such a wide variety of surf classes. You can begin with the most cursory and brief of lessons lasting one hour in duration just to get "your feet wet", or you could opt for the more traditional two-hour class that gives you some shore time instruction and then takes you into the water. For those interested in really participating in the sport they have a number of classes extending to longer hours in the water up to their "full day of fun experience" where you are taken to a number of different surf locations and given advanced instruction in addition to just hanging out with your instructor on the beaches just becoming a part of the surf culture of Hawaii.

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