Volcano Air Tours from Maui

Volcano Air Tours from Maui

The only way to see the volcanic activity on the Big Island from Maui is by fixed wing aircraft. The distance involved precludes the use of a helicopter for this purpose.
There are flights available out of both Maui airports, Kahului (OGG) and Kapalaua (JHM).
On these air tours you actually are going to see the entire island of Maui as well as the Big Island. Departing from Kapalua or Kahului, you will skirt the northern shore of Maui, viewing the valley and all along the famous Road to Hana, before crossing the channel to the island of Hawaii. There, the tour will follow the northern coastline, giving you opportunity to view the Kohala Coastline, Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the way to the volcano. Once you reach Hilo you will be circling over and all around the most recent eruption area and the greatly enlarged caldera inside of Hawaii National Park. Since the 2018 eruption has ended, tours are now able to fly directly over these areas, something that is new to everyone!
After you have seen everything around the volcano, you will depart and fly along the opposite coastline of Hawaii Island, viewing the Kona and Waikoloa coastline before again crossing the channel back to Maui. Along this leg of the flight you will be able to view the famous Molokini crater and the island of Kaho'olawe, following the southern coastline of Maui past Lahaina and Ka'anapali to Kapalua, or up the valley along the west Maui mountains to Kahului if you are landing there.
Flight times range from about two hours up to five hours for the more extreme tours.

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Hawaii air tours are fundamentally divided into two categories: Hawaii airplane tours, and helicopter tours. Because these two categories of aircraft are inexorably lumped together it is important to draw a comparison between the two because people always want a contrast to determine which might provide a better Hawaii air flight for them.

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