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One of the most interesting tours you could ever hope to take in Hawaii would be the fly-in tour to see Father Damien's Leper Colony on the island of Molokai. Father Damian began and administered this Leper Colony in the eighteen hundreds when leprosy was ravaging much of Hawaii and those having this disease, also called Hanson's Disease, were forced to segregate into settlements that only consisted of lepers. The very largest of these was Father Damian's Leper Colony on the remote but extremely beautiful Kalaupapa Peninsula on Molokai. Hawaii Expeditions and Adventures offers an interesting tour that will fly you from Kapalua on Maui past all the incredible sea cliffs and waterfalls on Molokai's north shore and land you at the Colony and provide you with a tour in this beautiful place that you will never forget. The entire time of this tour including air is about seven hours.

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