Visit and Snorkel Lanai from Maui with Maui Adventure Cruises

Maui Adventure Cruises offers snorkel tours to Lanai with or without a landing on the island on Explore Super Rafts with a restroom on board. Maui Adventure Cruises is known for its very fast and large sized rafts. If you take advantage of the landing on the island you will be treated to a stop at Manele Harbor to go for a short walk to explore the underwater marine reserve of Hulopo'e Bay. This area is known for its variety of marine life and dolphin sightings occur here frequently. Lanai is home to some of the best snorkeling in Hawaii, the lack of development has kept the reefs surrounding Lanai in pristine condition with abundant fish populations and large coral formations.

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On Maui, 'rafting' equates with adventure, and Maui Adventure Cruises has just about all the adventure you could want. Speeding rigid hull inflatables varying in length from 34' to 49' whisk their way from Maui over the channel to Lanai.

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