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Are you looking for something unique to do on your next Hawaiian vacation? You might want to think about going snorkeling from a Kayak. This is a more active way to reach your snorkeling destination then taking a motorboat or sailing ship. The coastline of the Big Island of Hawaii is unique because of its deep water. An alluvial plane encircles all the other islands in the Hawaiian chain, but the Big Island of Hawaii is too new to have developed one yet. An alluvial plane is formed from all the matter that is eroded from the mountains into the sea. It is a shallow area that extends some times up to a mile form shore that is essentially a shelf of sediment that is formed from the discharge of eroded materials from the river mouths. The islands to the western side of the chain like Kauai have had about 5 million years since their last eruptions to form these geologic features. The Big Island is still an active volcano and is still growing each and every day. Large sections of the land is still bare hardened stone and centuries of forest growth will be required before there is enough soil to have the kinds of erosion that is necessary for an alluvial plane to be developed. Basically, what happens on the Big Island is the depth of the water drops off to very deep depths right off the shoreline. This makes for very clear water and the ability to run into deep water fish right off shore. These kinds of encounters from a kayak are unique to the deep Big Island waters. If you're looking for something unique that you will not be able to find anywhere else then kayaking the Big Island with Adventures in Paradise is something you should consider on your next Hawaiian vacation.

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