Unique Tours and Activities on Oahu with Original Glider Rides

Certainly a unique tour on the island of Oahu and for that matter the entire state of Hawaii are the fixed wing flight sightseeing tours offered by The Original Glider Rides. These unique tours will take you soaring on high-performance bubble-topped gliders to enjoy the scenery of Oahu's beautiful North Shore. A tow plane is used to tether your glider up into the air at which point the tether is released and your glider is left free to ride the winds of this exquisite coastline. The location of the airstrip the Original Glider Rides use is the Dillingham Air Field, which was decommissioned as a U.S. Air Force Airfield in the late nineteen sixties. The field is much larger than is necessary for the purpose of riding on these gliders as it is nine-thousand feet long and seventy-five feet wide. The conditions on this coastline are excellent, and as a result The Original Glider Rides are able to operate at all times of the year. You'll find the pilots are quite competent and friendly as many of the approximately fifteen pilots that run this operation are retired airline pilots. These gliders can either take up one passenger with a pilot or two passengers with a pilot, and you can even request for them to videotape your entire flight which they will provide for you at an additional fee.

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