Unique Tours and Activities on Maui with Atlantis Submarine

Are you looking for something unique to do on this vacation? Have you ever been on a submarine? Atlantis Submarines has a dive site that they go to that is unlike any other in the islands. The submarine dives to about one hundred feet where they explore the wreckage of the "Carthaginian" which was sunk on December 13, 2005. The "Carthaginian" was a landmark in Lahaina for years until it was eventually sunk off shore of Lahaina because of maintenance issues. The boat was a replica of the original "Carthaginian" which was a classic looking old whaling ship. These kinds of large sailboats were very common in the old whaling days of Lahaina. I think it looks like a sunken pirate ship and to explore it from a submarine is an experience that I don't think you'll soon forget. Also, as a seasonal bonus this wreck is located in the middle of the Maui humpback whale national marine sanctuary and it is not uncommon for there to be whale encounters during whale season. This sanctuary was established in 1997 to protect the North Pacific population of the endangered Humpback Whales.

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Atlantis Adventures will provide you with an opportunity to dive in absolute comfort in a 'state of the art', window filled submarine to a depth of about 100' for about forty minutes.

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