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Aromatic Plant Distillation and Aroma Farm Tour - On the slopes of Haleakala above the town of Makawao in the beautiful region known as Olinda, you will find the spectacular grounds of the Aromatherapy Foundation of Maui. The Foundation gardens include approximately 900 separate aromatic plants in a setting with views of the central valley, the West Maui Mountains and the bays on both side of the isthmus that are considered to be the best on all the island. You can enjoy harvesting plants from the garden which will be placed into a still to be distilled into both the essential oils of the plant as well as the hydrosols or floral waters. The distillations are conducted twice a week on Tuesday and Friday mornings. This two-and-a-half to three-hour tour will familiarize you with the world of aromatherapy as well as the process used to create these amazing and healing oils and waters. You will leave with a spritzer of the beautiful hydrosol you helped distill and with a better knowledge of the science of aromatherapy.

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