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Unique Tours and Activities on Kauai with Princeville Ranch Adventures

Certainly one of the unique tour companies on Kauai is Princeville Ranch Adventures. Princeville Ranch Adventures operates quite a number of different tours and activities from its location in Princeville in the region of Hanalei on the North Shore of Kauai. The ranch itself covers a vast expanse of land stretching from the rugged seacoast through the cattle pastures and meadow lands crossed by verdant valleys and streams to the base of the picturesque Hanalei Mountains. Princeville Ranch Adventures is probably most noted for its fabulous Zipline course, which consists of nine separate Ziplines and one suspension bridge. This course also boasts a twelve-hundred foot two person final Zipline, which is known as the "King Kong." In addition, the uniqueness of this special property is further brought to light with the additional activities offered on the ranch which include hiking, kayaking, and swimming at a private swimming hole complete with waterfall and horseback riding stable.

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The Princeville Ranch is certainly one of the most beautiful of any in the whole state of Hawaii. With its backdrop of the romantic Hanalei Mountains and it rolling hills to the sea, the Princeville Ranch is the home of a spectacular zip line course, river kayaking, hiking and some of the most amazing horseback riding country to be found anywhere.

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