Unique Tours and Activities on Kauai with Outfitters Kauai

Some of the most wild and fun zipline tours to be found on Kauai are with Outfitters Kauai. Imagine jumping off a landing, with your friend on a zipline right next to you doing the same thing, and stepping into a free-flight zip over fifteen-hundred feet long which will take you well over a minute to complete. Imagine walking along suspension bridges and aerial walkways. Hike through a tunnel in the forest. Imagine jumping off a zipline from what is called a "water zip" into a refreshing mountain pool below. These are all the experiences, and all that much more, that await you on this most unique of activities provided by Outfitters Kauai.

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Outfitters Kauai is an adventure company on Kauai that offers a combination of ocean and river kayaking experiences, hiking tours, bike tours and zipline adventures.

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