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Just Live is a Zip-line company on Kauai that is a unique tour in the sense that most of the various zips on its zipline course can be found in the tree tops. The course for Just Live is in fact located in the tops of a pine forest. Although this unique zipline course is usually not higher than seventy feet in the air from any of the zipline platforms located in the tops of the trees, it initially feels like it might be a bit higher. Not to worry though, you are always held secure and attached to a separate safety line. People of all ages enjoy this zipline course as I witnessed on the day I participated with an octogenarian who totally enjoyed herself. Children ages nine and up are also invited to join in on the fun so it is a great tour for the whole family. The course usually takes about two-hours to traverse and it is not just limited to zip-lining. Rope bridges also are a part of the course and this makes it all the more fun. In addition Just Live also has what they refer to as an eco-challenge "ropes course". This tree top adventure includes rock wall climbing, rappelling, what is referred to as the "leap of faith" (close your eyes) and a totally fun "monster swing".

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