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The Big Island of Hawaii has some of the very most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere but with Hawaii Forest and Trail you can also see the unique side of the Big Island. Hawaii Forest and Trail will take you to many of the unique areas of the island that would be off-bounds to you on a regular basis. This is largely because the owner and founder of Hawaii Forest and Trail, Rob Pacheco, has negotiated arrangements with some of the larger land owners on the island to allow for the touring of his clients on these areas of private property. It could be argued in its own right that the Big Island, on its own, provides essentially unique places to see. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park certainly falls into this category as it has been in a continuous eruption phase since the mid-nineteen-seventies. It is rare, if not unique, to be able to simply take off on any day on a tour that will take you to the very creation of the earth itself and of course Hawaii Forest and Trail provides this. If that is not outer-worldly enough for you then Hawaii Forest and Trail can take you on a unique tour to the top of Mauna Loa for star-gazing through a telescope. With any luck you'll see the galaxy of Andromeda, the rings around Saturn, the craters of the moon or any one of the millions of stars on the horizon. You may not consider bird-watching to be particularly unique but you may change your mind when you realize that many of these birds such as the Akepa, Akiapolaau, Amakihi, Apapane, Elepaio, Hawaii Creeper, Iiwi, Io, Oamao, and Pueo are considered to be on the endangered species list. And how about a unique tour that will take you to some of the very special organic vegetable farms on the island to see and learn about how the produce is grown and then, with produce in hand, bring it down to one of the very most prestigious restaurants on the island, Merriman's, to have your freshly picked produce prepared for you that evening for dinner.

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Hawaii Forest and Trail is one of the premier hiking and eco-adventure tour companies on the Big Island. They offer a variety of hiking tours which visit vastly different areas of the island and concentrate on the geology, biology, botany and history of each region.

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