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This dolphin excursion offered by Dolphin Discoveries on the Big Island of Hawaii is considered a unique tour simply because actually swimming in the open ocean with wild dolphins does not fit the bill as a usual tour or adventure. Most people have a hidden or latent desire to swim with these "most friendly" of marine sea life, but when was the last time you did so? Most people haven't so don't miss out on what might be the single most memorable moments of your Hawaiian vacation. Dolphin Discovers takes you on these unique dolphin swims, generally in the morning hours for about four hours. The success rate of finding these dolphins is quite high and the success rate of swimming with them as well is also quite high. These tours do not "push" themselves on the dolphins but allow the natural curiosity and playfulness of the dolphins to draw themselves over to you in the water. These are some of the most exciting tours offered on the Big Island.

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Dolphin Discoveries focuses on finding the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins and/or Spotted Dolphins on their educational and personalized tours. These trips offer small groups the chance to capture a memory of a lifetime while enjoying a cruise along the calm Kona Coast of the Big Island.

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