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UFO Parasail

Our ride with UFO parasail today was nothing short of magnificent. The winds were calm and the sun was out and we were ready for some excitement. As I put my harness on I could feel my heart begin to speed up with anticipation of the upcoming flight. The deck hand secured our harnesses to the bar gave us the thumbs up and off we were. The whole flight lasted for about ten minutes. The boat let out about 800' of cable from the powerful winch mounted on the back. As the size of the boat shrunk underneath us the views kept getting better. We could see far up the coastline in each direction as well as strait down into the blue waters off of the channel. The boat captain kept us entertained the whole time doing big turns underneath us and even at one point bringing the boat to a complete stop and allowing us to "free fall" towards the ocean only to gas it right as we were getting close to the water to shoot us back high up into the air. Then as we were being reeled in we even did a "dunk" where we were skimmed across the surface of the water. It turned out to be quite an exciting ride that I do not think I will soon forget.

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