Types of Businesses That Sign Up

Hawaii's Largest Selection of Activities

Our partner program is anything but one size fits all. There are many different types of users that successfully use The Tom Barefoot's Tours Promo Code Program.

Vacation Rental Management Companies

Many vacation rental management companies prefer to stay out of the 'activity booking' business because of the amount of time required to deal with these bookings. One of the biggest problems companies like this have is truly knowing the market of tours and activities available to their clients on all the islands. This is truly a business in itself and requires an inordinate amount of time and energy to keep up. We have currently just under 400 separate vendors we deal with accounting for literally thousands of individual tour options with changes that need to be made in our data base virtually every day. Knowing what to recommend to a guest dependent upon their needs is an art all to itself. We can easily and professionally handle this aspect of your clients vacation experience and see to it that you get a monthly commission check based upon your visitor's bookings as well.

Travel Agents

Travel agents have been one of the most popular users of the Tom Barefoot's Tours Partnership Program. Travel agents are great at providing special attention to their guests regarding their airfare and accommodations but are often uninformed regarding the vast amounts of tours and activities that are available to their clients. They usually also have no interest in making bookings themselves for individual activities because of the time required to do so, the headaches regarding the collection of moneys and payments to the activity vendors and the hassles that can arise when tours have to be cancelled and tickets refunded. This program makes it easy for the travel agent to be assured that their clients are being well taken care of and receive monthly checks in the mail on bookings their clients have made as well.

Individual Vacation Rental Owners

If you own a vacation rental in Hawaii and rent it out to visitors on your own our program is an excellent choice for you. You will be able to refer your guests to your unique 10,000 page activity site complete with your Promo Code on each page as well as your unique telephone number. Your clients will have the luxury of perusing all their activity choices on all the islands, then can call our informed staff to ask specific questions they may have, they can contact us using 'quick question' contact forms on our site, they can use the 'chat' feature on our site to communicate in real time with our activity staff or they could simply decide what they want to do and book it right there on your site. You will receive commissions on any tour or activity they choose to attend.

Webmasters & Bloggers

A growing segment of our affiliate program is it's use by web masters and bloggers. Web masters and bloggers looking for new revenue streams and content sources have been pleased with our program.

Wedding Coordinators

Our Partnership Program makes life much easier for wedding coordinators. We know just how much work is necessary to pull-off a flawless wedding experience for your clients and adding the chore of assisting the many clients in the wedding party to find the appropriate tours and activities that will enhance their Hawaii experience often just adds too much stress to the process. When you turn you guests over to us to assist in finding the tours that will be right for them we are able to customize their tour experiences. We can certainly arrange for any larger group activities the whole wedding party may want to participate in but we can also arrange for the single sport fishing trip one member of the group wants to go on or for the aromatic plant distillation that just one member of the group may have a passion to attend. By simply getting the web address of the special site we create for you in the hands of each member of the wedding party you will be allowing them to peruse all the possible choices and then deal with us in making the most appropriate choices.

Individuals In The Hospitality Industry

We've had affiliates who are simply individuals who talk to many visitors during the course of the day. We've had waiters, bar tenders, taxi drivers, boat crewman and activity guides in our program who simply take the time to refer our services to the people they meet.


Our program is very adaptable and can be used for many more types of businesses than are listed above. If you have any questions about how you or your business can use the program please do not hesitate to ask.

Affiliate Program Information

Signing up for the Tom Barefoot's Promo Code Program is extremely simple. Spend a couple minutes filling out the following form and we'll handle it from there.

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These PDF are live so they take a little time to load. Please be patient. The advised usage would be to download it and send them to your clients in an email as an attachment.

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Here is an example of a monthly accounting report of the tours and activities that were completed in the previous month similar to one you might receive.

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When you sign up with our Tom Barefoot's Tours Affiliate Partnership Program we immediately assign you two things: you're unique 10,000 page website and unique four-digit Promo Code ID# also found on every page of your site.

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You have clients that are coming to or are in Hawaii. 85% of all your clients participate in activities while they are here. See how your clients can find their perfect tours in Hawaii while you earn a monthly income on activities they enjoy.

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This is what is referred to as "Really Simple Syndication" but for our purposes here, what this really allows you to do is to duplicate a simplified "snippet" version of the categories found on any island page of our site onto your own website to clarify what is being offered to your clients.

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The commission list showing money you will earn for each activity booked by your clients can be found here and the number on the far right hand side is the dollar amount in commissions paid 'per person'.

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