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Travel Blog #98 - The Caves Of Napali With Napali Riders

Yesterday we took advantage of the flat summer ocean conditions on the North and West sides of Kauai and scheduled a trip up the Napali Coast with Captain Chris and the Napali Riders.

I got to the shop a little early and Captain Chris explained a couple reasons clients return to his company year after year. First he told me all about his boat. It is a 30ft boat that smoothes out the trade wind swell very efficiently (compared to the other boats Chris has previously owned). The boat was manufactured by Zodiac, and has a inflatable surround attached to a rigid hull. This hull design has been proven to be a reliable design over the years by Captain Chris as well as many others. The Coast Guard as well as other branches of the military have used variations of Chris's Zodiac for many years. Bolted onto the back of the hull were twin 250 outboards that provided plenty power for us to speed up the coast. After we went over the boat Captain Chris began telling me about the photography element of his tour, which is handled by his crewmember Erik.

They Offer Professional Underwater Photograpy

They Offer Professional Underwater Photograpy

Erik is the only crewmember that Captain Chris has. Erik is the snorkel instructor, he serves the food and the drinks, and he takes the pictures. When I say take pictures I want to preface that by mentioning that the entire check in area was actually an art gallery that was filled with high quality prints of Eriks pictures from the Napali Riders Trips. Between Chris and Erik they have collected over half a million shots so far and are planning on coming out with a series of photo books detailing various adventures they've had in the 15+ years they've been in operation. Erik was using professional level Cannon L-series camera gear and offered picture CD's at the end of the tour for around $40, I thought it was a bargain.

After check in we got back into our cars and drove about a mile and a half down to the harbor. Chris was already there getting the boat into the water so we could get underway.

Once we were on the boat I was pleased to find that the seats on the side had an extra layer of thick foam padding on them to make the ride more comfortable. As soon as we were out of the harbor Chris throttled the boat and we began our speedy cruise down the coast looking for dolphins.

swim with dolphins on kauai

It did not take long for us to find a pod of dolphins that were swimming around in front of the military base. We slowed the boat and spent about 10 minutes taking pictures and just experiencing the presence of the dolphins at such close quarters, it was amazing.

After our dolphin encounter we continued up the coastline and when we got to cliffs the pace of the tour slowed down and Chris began to explain some facts and tell some stories about the areas that we were passing. We hugged the coastline and got into pretty much all of the sea caves that we passed. We went into a cave that opened into a big room that had a giant skylight (which was amazing). My favorite cave was one that we went to that was very far up the coastline almost to Hanakapiai Beach. This cave had a waterfall flowing through the ceiling at the entrance. Then we passed the waterfall and right when it was getting pitch black we began to see light coming in through a completely different entrance. Chris called this was the "Two Entrance Cave" because of its U shape with two points of entry. After we got in sight of Ke'e Beach off shore of Hanakapiai we turned around and began to make our way back down the coastline to find a good place to snorkel.

When we arrived to our snorkel destination we jumped in to find the ground littered with giant boulders. Swimming between these boulders were large schools of fish, as well as many other marine creatures.

The trip with Captain Chris was great; it was a bit of a bumpy ride and is not something I would recommend for anyone that is pregnant or has and medical issues. However, if you're looking for a trip on a fast boat and want to be right in the middle of the action, as close to everything as possible.....Then you might want to consider Captain Chris and the Napali Riders.

Open Topped Cave Kalalau Beach Kauai

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Travel Blog - Articles #90 to #99

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window, I couldn't help but smile when I saw that it was an absolutely classic sunny Hawaiian day outside.

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Before we even got to the ranch I knew that we were in for a special experience. The ride that we had scheduled for the day was at Silver Falls Ranch, which is located deep in the jungle, on the north side of Kauai.

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Today we did something that I've wanted to do for a while, we went on the "Movie Tour" with Polynesian Adventure Tours. The movie tours' concept is simple, they have a TV screen in the bus that plays a movie they edited together.

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This year my girlfriend Simone and I decided that we were going to celebrate Valentines days a little bit differently then we have in the past. We decided that we were going to go up to the North Shore of Kauai and try out the zipline at the Princeville Ranch.

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Today I got to take my Mom to see something very special.In the 1400+ years that the Hawaiian Islands have been inhabited by humans, an amazingly rich culture has developed here.

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I remember for my 12th birthday, the only thing I wanted to do was get certified to go SCUBA Diving (12 is the minimum age you can be to get certified).

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Today we did one of my favorite activities in the state, a helicopter trip around Kauai. Kauai is one of the most amazing places to do a helicopter ride on the planet.

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These articles document some of our recent travels across the island of Kauai. We rode horses, went on zip line tours, rode helicopters. went SCUBA diving and even got to snorkel off shore of the forbidden island of Niihau.

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We've compiled all of our blog articles and FAQ's relating to Dolphin Excursions into one place. Unlike Whales the Dolphins do not migrate here and live here year round so "dolphin season" is all 12 months out of the year.

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Snorkeling is the most popular vacation activity in Hawaii. We offer snorkel trips from sailboats, large powerboats and even small zodiac rafts. We've got blog articles about our trips aboard all types of boats on all the major islands and if you're thinking about doing a snorkeling excursion during your stay we encourage you to check out our blog articles and videos to get a better idea of what our trips are like.

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