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Travel Blog #163 - East Maui Adventure With Hike Maui.

We decided to go for a hiking adventure with Hike Maui through the Wailele Permaculture farm and the surrounding park areas and waterfalls. We met our guide in Kahului at the "Park & Ride" parking lot. He introduced himself and then passed out some fresh apple bananas to us as we loaded into the van. Once we were all loaded in the van he started it up and we began to make our way down the north shore into the rain forests of the east side of the island. It took a little more then half an hour until we made it to the trailhead of our hike. Once here we got out of the van and our guide began passing out backpacks and water bottles to everyone.

Hike Maui Twin Falls Hiking Video

It was a beautiful Maui day. The light variable winds from the South kept the weather on the North Shore to a minimum, it was a clear day with sunny skies and an occasional light breeze that was too light to feel, but could be heard rustling through the forest as we hiked along. We started out along the bottom edge of the farm and then worked our way to the upper pools where we stopped to take a swim and eat lunch.

Our guide Jake was amazing. He explained that his father was very close to 100% Hawaiian and his mother was a French Canadian. He told about of his childhood where he grew up living off the grid on the island of Molokai. His other job besides guiding for Hike Maui was working as a Hawaiian History Professor at the college. His background has provided him with a wealth of information and he was not shy about sharing his knowledge during the hike.

Jake showed us how to make a field dressing for a wound with the core of a ginger plant. He showed us how to harvest a variety of fruits & plants which he was continually passing out to us to try for ourselves. He showed us how to safely climb trees that had no branches and were too big to fit your hands around. He showed us how his uncle taught him how to make a pig snare using only a rope that he wove from the fibers he collected from the inside of a Hau tree and a bent over guava tree. In addition to all of Jakes demonstrations he also shared all kinds in information with us about the details of ancient Hawaiian culture. He told us about the Kapu system and explained how the Hawaiians would divide their lands in large pie shaped pieces called an Ahupuaa that extended from the top of the mountain all the way down to the sea. All the knowledge that Jake shared with us really kept the trip entertaining throughout.

By the time we got back to the vans at the end of the trip everyone seemed to begin to be getting tired. As we all piled in everyone had these semi worn out looking smiles on their faces from the days adventures. Hiking through the forest and swimming in the rainforest pools with Hike Maui was a great adventure!

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When most people get off the plane on Oahu I don't think they have any idea that you can have the sort of experiences that we had today. Today we took a trip with Hawaii Nautical that took us snorkeling on the Western coastline of the island.

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As we got down to the harbor to board the Scotch Mist I could tell that we were in for an amazing time. The weather was ideal, the day before a winter storm front had come through from the west.

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Everyone dreams of experiencing a perfect day out on the water. Smooth seas, warm air, whales spouting off all around you, dolphins coming up to the boat, snorkeling with Sea Turtles.

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Of all of the different fishing trips that we offer I think it is fair to say that as a general rule of thumb, the bottom fishing charters that we have generally catch a larger volume of fish then our deep sea sport fishing charters.

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As we came though the tunnel at the end of the Pali and the Oluwalu point came into view I could tell we were going to have perfect weather conditions for our sunset horseback ride at Lahaina Stables.

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Paragon Sailing Charters operates a type of catamaran that is not utilized by anyone else in the Hawaiian Islands. The designer of the catamarans that are used by Paragon Sailing Charters is the owner of the company, Eric Barto.

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One of the most popular categories of tours that we carry on Maui are the Haleakala Bike trips. There are many companies that we carry that offer this trip, but what many people do not realize is there is quite a bit of difference between the different varieties of downhill biking trips.

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In these articles we journey through whale season on Maui. Visit a permaculture farm where we swam through waterfalls.... and more.

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