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Travel Blog #129 - Submarines & Shipwrecks Offshore of Waikiki

It all started one day when I decided to take a walk down the whole length of Waikiki Beach, starting down by the aquarium and working my way towards Ala Moana. When I got almost all the way to the end, right before the Hilton Lagoon I noticed a large group of people unloading onto a pier from a ferryboat with an "Atlantis Submarines" logo on the side. I thought my girlfriend would get a kick out of it so I made arrangements to go the following morning.

Atlantis Submarines Waikiki Video

We woke up nice and early so we could spend a few hours cruising around Waikiki before the submarine ride started. Atlantis offers a pick up service with the submarine ride so we opted to get picked up on the far end of town so we didn't have to walk to the pier. Once we got off the bus, we were issued our boarding passes and then we got onto the boat.

The boat ride was quick. It did not take long at all before the submarine was surfacing next to our boat. Once it was on the top the hatches opened and the crew members of the submarine emerged to help us board the vessel. We made our way over to the ramp that they set up between the two boats and then we climbed down the ladder into the main cabin of the submarine where we found our seats. As soon as everyone had boarded the submarine and found their seats the captain came on the intercom to welcome us onto the sub and go over some safety information. Within a few minutes we had begun our descent towards the bottom of the ocean.

It did not take long before our descent came to a halt a few feet above the ocean floor. We were over 100 feet deep for a large portion of the trip. During our time down there we saw all kinds of interesting things. We saw artificial reefs that were literally swarming with some good size Ulua's (I was impressed!). We passed the wreckage of an old military airplane and even a few shipwrecks. I was really amazed at how much there was to see in such a small area!

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