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Travel Blog #128 - Swimming with Dolphins at Sea Life Park

Sea life park is an aquarium center that is similar to Sea World, but on a much smaller scale. Here there are many things to see and do including: penguins, seals, turtles, all kinds of fish, and a large pool where you can swim and interact with dolphins.

We signed up for one of the dolphin swimming packages (which also included the admission to the rest of the park). We opted to get picked up in Waikiki and spend the majority of the day at the park. As we got off the bus we made our way through the main gates and into a building that had one of the most interesting aquarium tanks I've ever seen. The main tank was an enormous circular structure that had large rocks and tunnels built into it. However, the amazing part of the exhibit was not the size of the was what was living inside of it.

There were all kinds of fish and even manta rays swimming around in the main tank. I remember looking at it and thinking to myself how hard it must be to maintain such a complex environment. There were pelagic fish (fish that eat other fish) in there with everything else and it seemed like somehow it was all working together.

Sea Life Park had Manta Rays!

There were two dolphin tanks at Sea Life Park. One was for the dolphin swims, and the other was for the acrobatic dolphin show. The dolphin swim tank was much larger then the show tank. It had a deeper side where the dolphins could swim more freely and a shallower side where the people that were in the tank with the dolphins would be able to stand. There were dolphin swimming tours that went almost continuously throughout the day. During the time that we were at the park there was only one acrobatic dolphin show that was taking place so we made sure not to miss it.

When we got to the dolphin show there was a whole crowd of children already assembled. When the music turned on and the MC of the show came out everyone started cheering. I thought the music was a bit dated, but it made for a very upbeat show.......and the dolphin tricks were absolutely phenomenal. They were catching rings on their noses, jumping high out of the water and hitting a beach ball, and doing all kinds of poses. All of it was done with impeccable precision and absolute perfect timing. I was impressed.

After we were done watching the dolphin show we had a few more minutes to browse around the park before it was time for our appointment to swim with the dolphins. We checked in and then were seated in a small theater to watch a safety video. Once that was complete we made our way out to the dolphin swimming pool where we got into the water. Everyone in the group took turns interacting with the dolphins. We got to touch them, swim around with them and then at one point we even all got to take turns going for a dolphin ride. We would swim into the middle of the pool and float while we were leaning forward with our arms out. Then a dolphin would swim over and turn upside down and swim underneath us pushing and pulling us along through the water. It was an amazing experience!

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