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Travel Blog #106 - Island Adventures, Jungle Falls

Hawaii's Largest Selection of Activities

Island Adventures is the only kayaking company that goes up the river through the Hule'ia National Wildlife Refuge. This river eventually goes up towards the Kipu Ranch. We started paddling at the mouth of the river near the Nawilwili Harbor. and before we got off our kayaks we passed the rope swing that was used in the beginning sequence of the movie "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark" where Harrison Ford is running down the hill and then jumps off of a vine into a river where his biplane is waiting for him.

Island Adventures Kayaking Video

This area had trees that resembled what they have in the everglades in Flordia. The kinds that have the long roots reaching down into the swamps. One of the groves that we passed actually grew over a very large archaeological site that contains one of the largest Hawaiian fish ponds in the state that is known as the "Menehune Fish Pond".

Once we completed our kayaking we boarded a van that was waiting for us. Once we were all boarded we made our way to the top of a trail to a private waterfall that Island Adventures has access to. The trail was beautiful, it winded down a steep hill through the jungle until after a short time we were at a beautiful waterfall.

waterfall island adventure

We swam and played in the waterfall for a while. Enjoying the cool water and the view we relaxed and explored around for a while until we decided that it would be a good time to go back up the trail to eat lunch.

Right by where the van was parked there was an industrial strength event tent set up with picnic tables under it looking out on the view of the valley floor with the large mountains rising behind them. Our sandwiches, chips and drinks were waiting for us on the table. We sat under the tent and ate while we enjoyed the view. After we were done eating we took some more pictures and then got in the van to ride back to the mouth of the river where my truck was parked. When we got back we said good bye to all our new friends and then cruised over to one of our favorite restaurants for a post paddle cocktail, it was a great day!

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I think it is safe to say that if there is any single activity that an equestrian would enjoy on their trip to the Hawaiian islands, it is CJM Country Stables.

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Today we did one of the premiere tours that is offered on the island of Kauai. We paddled sea kayaks down the entire Napali Coastline. We started at "Tunnels Beach" and made our way underneath the cliffs all the way to the immense Polihale Beach on the far west side of Kauai.

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The first of all of the Hawaiian Islands to have helicopter tours on it was the island of Kauai. Once you go to Kauai, you will understand that this was no coincidence.

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Rarely will you find a boat that is so well suited to the excursion that it goes it as the boat that is operated by Liko Kauai Cruises. Their 49 foot catamaran is powered with twin 260hp inboards and the overall design is fairly narrow.

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We met up with Captain Zodiac office at their office, located on edge of the Honokohau Harbor about ten minutes north of Kona. When I showed up the people at the office greeted me and then directed me where to meet up with the boat.

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If you are in decent shape and want to do something worth telling your friends about once you get home you should consider doing a Kayaking trip down the Napali Coast on Kauai.

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Umauma Ziplines is located on the northern coast of the Hilo side of the Big Island. The location requires participants from Hilo to take a short drive up the Hamakua coastline to the ranch.

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In these articles we travel all over Kauai going on zipline tours, helicopter rides, kayaking tours and horseback rides on the beach. Then we shoot over to the island of Maui to go for a bike ride down the islands tallest mountain.

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If you're physically capable of doing a kayaking tour while you're here in Hawaii then you defiantly should. We have different kayaking excursions that are suited for all levels so no matter what kind of kayaking experience you have we should be able to pair you with some kind of an excursion that suites you.

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