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Travel Blog #101 - Outfitters Kauai, Napali Coast Kayak Trip

Today we did one of the premiere tours that is offered on the island of Kauai. We paddled sea kayaks down the entire Napali Coastline. We started at "Tunnels Beach" and made our way underneath the cliffs all the way to the immense Polihale Beach on the far west side of Kauai. This tour basically took us in a 360 degree circle around the entire island. We began at the Outfitters Kauai office in Poipu and at the end of the day we ended at the same location. I've spent a great deal of time on the island of Kauai and I can honestly say that this is my favorite activity that I've taken part in here.

The appeal of this tour to me is its fusion of exercise and beauty. The 17 mile paddle generally goes with the current which makes it a bit easier then it sounds but even the most active participant would classify it as a decent workout. The beauty of the tour is simply indescribable. Rising straight out of the sea to heights of over 3000 feet the cliffs of the Napali Coastline are a sight that really must been seen to truly appreciate.

Once we had made it past the first beach called Hanakapiai we began to get into a rhythm. We easily cruised to our first resting point, which was inside of the "Pirates Cave", which was the largest cave we would be exploring all day. The cave was large enough for all the kayakers in our group to fit easily inside of and provided a sheltered spot for the more daring members to cool off by taking a dip in the water.

After the "Pirates Cave" rest stop we continued to make our way south. We explored the "two entrance cave", the "waterfall arch" and the "topless cave" before we stopped for lunch on an empty beach. Our guides brought along supplies for a picnic on their boats so we got comfortable in the shade and enjoyed our meals. We made good time on the paddle so we had plenty of time to rest, hike up to a nearby waterfall, and collect shells from the beach. After our time at the beach was over, our guides helped launch our boats back into the sea so we could begin the last leg of our journey.

The final stretch of paddling after lunch was some of the most enjoyable of the trip. The waves were directly behind us so with the correct timing it was possible to actually catch and ride the open ocean swells that made the ride much easier and more enjoyable then it had previously been. When we finally made it to Polihale Beach my tired fingers were ready to put the paddles down. When I got on the beach and wrapped them around the beer that the guide had suggested I leave in his cooler for a post paddling celebration beverage, a smile of satisfaction stretched across my face that didn't disappear until I went to sleep that evening. What an amazing day.

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