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Travel Blog #100 - CJM Country Stables, Scenic Valley Beach Ride

I think it is safe to say that if there is any single activity that an equestrian would enjoy on their trip to the Hawaiian islands, it is CJM Country Stables. The CJM Ranch is located on the sunny shores of Poipu on the south side of the island of Kauai. This dryer climate and coastal location make something possible that is very desirable, riding the horses on the beach!

As soon as we checked in to the ranch house I knew that we were going to have a good time, the spirits of the ranch were very laid back and easygoing. There was a little ranch dog that greeted us upon check in. There were children out helping their dad saddle up the horses and there was even a little boy with no shirt on that was running laps around the ranch house on a four wheeler.

As soon as everyone arrived to the stable we got on our horses and began our ride. The route we took actually took us along the beach on the way there and the way back. We waded the horses up to their knees in the water and took turns taking pictures of each other on horseback in the surf.

After we finished the sandy section of our ride we began to head inland, here we meandered through the woods and open pastures lands that made up the majority of the ranch. At one point we stopped for pictures with the windswept coastline of southeast Kauai in the background.

Eventually we completed our look around the ranch and made our way past the CJM rodeo fields back to the ranch house where we started. After asking the other group members to make sure, I can say for certain that I was not the only one that enjoyed the horseback ride on the beach with CJM Stables.

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Travel Blog - Articles #100 to #109

Today we did one of the premiere tours that is offered on the island of Kauai. We paddled sea kayaks down the entire Napali Coastline. We started at "Tunnels Beach" and made our way underneath the cliffs all the way to the immense Polihale Beach on the far west side of Kauai.

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The first of all of the Hawaiian Islands to have helicopter tours on it was the island of Kauai. Once you go to Kauai, you will understand that this was no coincidence.

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Rarely will you find a boat that is so well suited to the excursion that it goes it as the boat that is operated by Liko Kauai Cruises. Their 49 foot catamaran is powered with twin 260hp inboards and the overall design is fairly narrow.

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We met up with Captain Zodiac office at their office, located on edge of the Honokohau Harbor about ten minutes north of Kona. When I showed up the people at the office greeted me and then directed me where to meet up with the boat.

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Island Adventures is the only kayaking company that goes up the river through the Hule'ia National Wildlife Refuge. This river eventually goes up towards the Kipu Ranch.

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If you are in decent shape and want to do something worth telling your friends about once you get home you should consider doing a Kayaking trip down the Napali Coast on Kauai.

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Umauma Ziplines is located on the northern coast of the Hilo side of the Big Island. The location requires participants from Hilo to take a short drive up the Hamakua coastline to the ranch.

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In these articles we travel all over Kauai going on zipline tours, helicopter rides, kayaking tours and horseback rides on the beach. Then we shoot over to the island of Maui to go for a bike ride down the islands tallest mountain.

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Hawaii is an equestrians paradise! The rich Paniolo (cowboy) history of the islands dates back well over a hundred years. There are still many large ranches located throughout the state of Hawaii and if you're interested in getting out for a horseback ride while your here then we can easily make that happen.

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This ride is ideal for couples, families or small groups. After riding for about an hour, you will dismount to explore and comb a secret beach for potential treasures, take photographs or just enjoy a rest from your saddle.

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