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Pearl Harbor Tours are a very big deal on Oahu. Pearl Harbor is the most visited attraction on the island and most people are going to want to visit there at least one time. Sometimes getting there is a little bit easier said than done. The reason has to do with its popularity. Let's start off with this, Pearl Harbor is always full. There are more people wanting to visit than can get in. Each day you can show up at Pearl Harbor and on a first come, first served basis the first 1300 of you will be permitted to get a ticket and the rest will not be allowed in. You can also go through a process to order your tickets on line. These will all be for times after 11 AM as the times prior to that are all reserved for the folks waiting in line to get one that day. These reserved tickets can be sold out in advance as well. There are two separate (somewhat confusing) time windows in which you can buy them, a 60 day window and a 24 hour window. You can read up about these on line and give it a try.

The single best way to be assured tickets is to buy one of the myriad of tours we offer here on our site. When you purchase any one of these you will automatically have purchased your ticket to enter Pearl Harbor. As you will notice, the tours we offer come with a variety of options but always include the Arizona Memorial and general admission to Pearl Harbor inclusions. I would recommend that since you are going to be there you should also purchase a tour that will take you to visit the battleship USS Missouri as it is a classic. Same for the submarine Bowfin and of course you will want to spend some time walking through the Pacific Aviation Museum.

The tours we offer to Pearl Harbor are very professionally done. You are probably better off just buying the one that suits your needs the best and bypassing all the additional hassle.

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One of the most visited locations in the state of Hawaii is the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Tom Barefoot's Tours can provide you with your Pearl Harbor tickets.

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