Tom's Tips - Maui Wake Boarding and Maui Water Skiing

So lets set the record straight and put first things first. Wake boarding is not the first activity you think of when you are thinking about visiting Maui. That being said, why not? Yes of course we can understand if you are a typical visitor to the island who has never water skied before and has no desire to do so. If you are in that group, please accept our apologies as we eliminate you from the equation. The people I'm confused about are the ones who go water skiing on the lake every summer or occasionally do so in the bay off the coast. Why in the world are you not thinking about doing a private water ski trip with your friends and family off the coast of Maui. The conditions are great here, you don't need to bring any gear, you're guide is the 'bomb' and it does not cost much at all. Throw this in with your two tank dive to Lanai, your double zipline chase and your Off-Road RazR speed ride in Kaupo. This activity is made for action and particularly for action of groups who are fit and ready for some real fun.

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Many people don't realize that wake boarding and waterskiing is not just something you do on lakes and rivers. The warm oceans of Hawaii are a very nice place to ride too!

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