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In the first months of my arrival on Maui in 1973 I made it a point to go out on one of the sunset sails departing out of Lahaina Harbor. The name of the boat was the Viajero and the total price for the two hour tour at that time I remember to be $6.50. It was a beautiful sail boat that glided us along the shoreline of West Maui during the most colorful of sunsets. The gentle sunset breeze blew over us as it also allowed us to power slowly into the channel toward Molokai. I remember the salty captain on that cruise as being very capable but that being a different day and time I also remember him occasionally reaching for a tin cup that I'm quite certain contained a liquid not unfamiliar to pirates of days gone past. The experience was tremendous and left an indelible image in my mind of the whole adventure. It helps me at times to remember certain 'first' experiences like this one so I can relate to the 'first' impressions that our visitors are experiencing on their first visit to the islands.

In my opinion I believe that the very best places on the island to depart from for these sunset sails or sunset cruises are from either Lahaina Harbor or the beach at Kaanapali. There is just something special about sailing in the channel with 4 islands visible on the horizons.

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Taking a Hawaii sunset cruise may prove to be the most romantic and relaxing moments of your vacation. Sunset cruises probably won't rank high on your list of adventure items on your trip but may instead be the simple ending to a perfect day.

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