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So here's something that happens all the time. Our client says "what, you can sign us up for massages too". I guess I can understand it. We are known for selling tours and activities on Maui. Spa treatments are not really a tour are they? Well, no they are not in the technical definition of one. But do you know what? The way we see it is that spa treatments are an essential part of your holiday. They are a part of your release from the day to day of your normal life. Just like taking a helicopter flight or a zipline tour is a way of separating you from you normal pattern, so is a spa treatment. For years my wife and I ran a quite special little spa retreat in the upcountry region of Maui in Olinda. For about four years running our Maui Spa Retreat was listed as the top spa on the island out of a cast of 81 competitors. We retired from that and sold the business but we do know something about it. Let our staff help you find your way to the best form of relaxation you can expect to have on Maui. Yes, we think of it as a tour as well because it breaks right into the flow of your vacation as a tour would and creates a juxtaposition of your current pattern in the world. It creates a space for you to expand into.

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Spas are Hawaii's hottest trend. The islands are the perfect place to experience an authentic spa that simply makes you feel fantastic! Treat yourself to a visit at one of Maui's day spas.

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