Tom's Tips - Hawaii Submarine and Glass Bottom Boats

The Hawaii submarine ride is awesome. It just seems so 'space age' and cool. Sure subs have been around a good century and longer (actually the first American military submarine was used in 1776 during the Revolutionary War) but it is only a relatively recent phenomenon that these types of vessels, with an abundance of viewing ports, could be used in a way that common everyday people could experience life underwater from inside them.

These submarines are truly state of the art and were produced at a cost of millions and millions of dollars. I think that they're greatest attribute is that they give people, and especially children, a likely first glimpse of a world that lives in a completely different universe than the one we are used to seeing. When the submarine comes back up, that world is still down there and intuitively everyone, particularly children, retain this memory and this expands their vision of the reality of the world around them. This is one of the great tours we have on the island for children of all ages, yourself included.

The one thing you need to remember is that no-one will be permitted on the sub unless that person is over 36" tall. For children shorter than this, the glass bottom boat would provide a similar experience.

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Looking for a submarine in Hawaii? The islands of Oahu, Maui and the Big Island all have Hawaii submarine tours, and with good reason. Hawaii is blessed with an abundance of reef and sea life and seeing it on a submarine is, for most people, the only way they will be able to get deep enough to appreciate this part of Hawaii.

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