Tom's Tips - Oahu Sunset Cruise

Oahu has a bit of a 'step up' on the other Hawaiian islands regarding sunset cruises because on the most popular night of the week, Friday, many of the boats offer a sunset Fireworks cruise.  Each Friday, directly on Waikiki Beach right between the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel and the Haleakala Hotel fireworks are launched over the ocean during the 7 pm or 8 pm hour.  The sunset sails are beautiful enough without this added attraction but this simply adds to the fun.  These cruises do take a priority as people often opt for the Friday night cruise as an option over the other nights of the week.  As you can imagine, that means that Fridays fill up faster so please place your order for these sooner rather than later.

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Taking a Hawaii sunset cruise may prove to be the most romantic and relaxing moments of your vacation. Sunset cruises probably won't rank high on your list of adventure items on your trip but may instead be the simple ending to a perfect day.

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