Tom's Tips - Oahu Sport Fishing

Sport fishing can be very good off the coast of Oahu.  Certainly you've heard about the fantastic fishing found of the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii but Oahu is no weak sister.  In fact the largest Pacific Blue Marlin ever caught in Hawaiian waters was off the Waianae Coast of Oahu coming in at a weight of 1800 plus pounds.  Fishing is usually very good in the fleet of savvy fishing boat charters running out of Honolulu's Kewalo Basin.  

Just like in other Hawaiian waters fishing is prevalent throughout the year but certain times are better than others based upon the seasonality of specific types of fish.  Generally summers are going to be the best for the various Tuna and the Wahoo.  Spring works for Mahi Mahi and the late summer through the new year is best for the Marlin.

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Hawaii fishing is perhaps the single most important category of tours available on the Big Island of Hawaii and the Big Island of Hawaii is certainly the spot on the islands where you will find the best Hawaii fishing.

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