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One of the great things about Oahu hiking tours is that many of them can be completed in just a half a day.  Not only are many of them short they are quite inexpensive as well.  In fact you can often work in two or even three different tours in a week or ten days of vacationing.  If you'd like to get a bit of exercise to get your heart pumping just a bit, and if you are in moderately good health, you should definitely at least take a morning between 8 AM and 11 AM and do the hike up to the top of Diamond Head Crater.  You'll be picked up by van at your hotel and ushered to the base of the crater and given some excellent information about all manner of things relating to the crater and the area in general and then you'll be off on a 45 minute uphill climb to the summit at 763' above sea level.  You'll be walking through a tunnel and up a spiral staircase to your final view platform destination.  You will want to have a camera with you because from here you'll have the most amazing views of Waikiki and the surrounding ocean and coastline in both directions as well a a bird's eye view of the verdant mountains above with their magnificent valleys and ridges and all the urbanization that has developed along the margins.  This short 1.4 mile hike is rated moderate and is a great way to spend a few hours one morning during your holiday.

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Hiking in Hawaii is an activity that many people find pleasurable and rewarding. Not only do Hawaii hikes provide exercise, fresh air and a connection to the beautiful outdoor environment but the Hawaii hiking tours offered on the islands provide one of the most educational activities available to the island visitor.

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