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I was just reading in one of the trade magazines earlier this morning about the perception of the word 'tours' by visitors to any world wide destination and many relate the word 'tours' with 'excursions' throughout the area on a sightseeing van, bus or vehicle.  Of course in Hawaii we expand the notion of the word 'tours' to encompass any form of visitor outing where they can engage the charms of that location but in this category of 'Oahu Excursions' we are specifically dealing with the sightseeing tours you can take that will pick you up at your hotel or pick up spot nearby, and then tour you through some of the amazing areas that Oahu has to offer.  

These types of sightseeing tours are one of the original forms of activities provided for Oahu visitors and they are still one of the most popular activities.  There is so much to see on Oahu in terms of natural, beauty, history and educational opportunities that it is natural that sightseeing tours should gain this status in visitor participation.  Not only are people wanting to see these areas because of these reasons but also because it is a much more simplified experience than having to deal with the often times 'difficult' traffic on Oahu in your rental car.  In fact it is because of this reason that the percentage of visitors hiring rental cars on Oahu is so much less than in the outer islands.  It is much, much easier to leave the driving to someone else.  In addition, the experience and knowledge of your local tour guide will add tremendously to your adventure as they will point out things you might easily have just passed by and also provide background, history and anecdotes that will really flesh out the overall experience.

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"What tours in Hawaii should I take", is an often asked question. "Where to visit in Hawaii", is perhaps the most asked question. The places to visit in Hawaii will all be dependent upon which islands you choose to visit and your Hawaii sightseeing agenda should be planned prior to your arrival to make the most of your vacation to Hawaii.

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