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I always love it when we have the option of providing activities for our clients that are just one of a kind.  It really does not happen that much, but it does in this category with the sail planes on Oahu.  Of all the islands, this is the only island where it is offered.  I have personally only done it one time but it was quite the experience.  So different.  First to be towed up into the air by another airplane was different, but then to be pulled up to 'altitude' and then watch as the tow cord is released and realizing that we were from that moment forward only propelled by the updrafts and wind currents was amazing.  And the sound, or lack of it was clearly apparent.  The only real audible noise was the sound of wind whooshing past the fuselage.   If you remember flying those little balsa wood airplanes as I did as a child, that was it.  It felt like we had passed through some type of 'time warp' and we were flying inside that toy airplane of my youth.  The big exception of course was that the pilot had complete control so instead of crashing into the hedge by the driveway we landed safe and sound on the runway so far below.  I don't know if you may remember seeing the 1972 classic "The Getaway' starring Steve McQueen but the experience he had in the movie with a sail plane was identical to this experience to be had on Oahu.  Great time.  Very different.

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Hawaii air tours are fundamentally divided into two categories: Hawaii airplane tours, and helicopter tours. Because these two categories of aircraft are inexorably lumped together it is important to draw a comparison between the two because people always want a contrast to determine which might provide a better Hawaii air flight for them.

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