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If you are anything like my wife Doreena, if given the opportunity to do any of the activities on Maui she will choose horseback riding. If she has a girl friend visiting from the mainland or elsewhere they will take to the back of a horse to share some girl time together. Does she have some special horseback riding experience in her past or come from a family that raised horses? No. She is just an average rider that loves the animals and enjoys being near them. Perhaps this is your story too.

Its great that Maui provides so many different riding options and quite often in short notice they will fill up. Its remarkable how many different people are interested in taking these rides and their reasons why. About two months ago a lady wanted to (and did) take a private horseback riding lessons in which she could not only learn better how to ride but she also wanted to understand how to best take care of a horse because, although she had never had experience with horses before she had a desire to own one and she felt that if she could get some one-on-one with someone experienced in owning horses, training them and training people how to ride them, she could get the big picture as to whether she should buy her first horse. I'm not sure if she did make the purchase or not bu that was here reasoning behind taking the tour.

Many people are more experienced in horseback riding and are indeed advanced riders. Luckily we can accommodate these people as well on private rides where they can canter and trot. We have had people who have horses of their own at home and just want to enjoy a different horse or maybe they just miss them. Whatever the reason, people just seem to love horses and I'm sure we can find just the perfect ride for you and your family.

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Hawaii Horseback riding is a much more popular category of tours than you might expect. When looking over the state as a whole the category of horseback riding in Hawaii registers over twenty separate and distinct horseback riding companies.

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