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A few years ago we started to specialize in tours for handicap people. We have always received inquiries from time to time asking us to assist with organizing these. It was difficult. We needed to give calls to all the vendors checking to see what the possibilities were for a specific tour and it was very time consuming. Finally we got smart and just decided to bite the bullet and research the whole industry to see what we could actually find so that both ourselves and our clients would not have to go through that vigorous process.

The results of our efforts can be seen on this page. As of the time I am writing these words I am just looking at the number of results found on the Maui portion of our site for handicap individuals and it reads 177. Well, there it is, all you have to do is refine the list using our simple 'Activity Match' tool found on this page and you will be able to see everything that is available for you as a handicap person in that category on Maui.

I know this is a good thing because we have had so many people thank us for organizing a special handicap section like this. Just the other day we had a lady call us an go on and on about what a wonderful service this provided and just two months ago a group that attempts to organize tours for handicap individuals in all destinations in the world asked us to assist us in helping provide some even more exotic possibilities for their clients. They came to Maui and we were able to get their handicapped individual out snorkeling, scuba diving, ziplining, on a bike tour and on various other tours. We were happy to help out.

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We frequently get asked questions from our clients about the handicap accessibility of our tours. As a result of this we have created a handicap accessible tours and activities category for the state of Hawaii.

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