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In Hawaii and of course in Kauai as well, the whales come visit in the winter months.  On Kauai, the giant surf visits the north shore in the winter months.  Because the surf can be so dangerous this time of year, the Na Pali Coast is, by in large, off-limits for the whale watching tours.  Primarily all the whale watch boat will be taking out along the south shores which will provide a much more stable ride.  There are a number of types of vessels that do the whale watching tours on Kauai but the most popular seem to be the 'hard hulled inflatable', or zodiac type boats.  These offer a very swift ride and can maneuver between the various pods of whales very quickly.  This is important because at some point in time, the whales you are following will 'sound' (dive) and you will be left looking for others in the area.  Once they are sighted the idea will be to get over to them very fast so you will be able to spend some time with them before they make a dive as well.

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The Hawaii whale watching season is the most anticipated time of year regarding activities in the islands. Whale watching is available for visitors to enjoy between December and May.

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